Varta Accu C LR14 3000mAh Rechargeable Batteries | 2 Pack

SKU: VAR-RB-02313 Weight: 134g

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Be ready to power your everyday devices with Varta rechargeable batteries. This 2-pack of C cells features high-capacity (3000mAh) performance and comes pre-charged so you can use them right away. Save money and the environment by using rechargeable cells—you won't have to worry about buying alkaline disposables again.

The Varta Accu C LR14 3000mAh Rechargeable Batteries are the ideal charging solution for all your devices. Thanks to NiMH chemistry, these batteries can be “topped up” anytime and boast a 70% charge retention for up to two years in storage. For added convenience, they can be charged with any standard NiMH charger.

This 2-pack of Varta Accu C LR14 3000mAh rechargeable batteries provides a reliable, economical power solution for everyday devices. With a recommended charge capacity of up to 3000mAh per battery, they offer long-lasting performance and up to 600 recharges.

Battery size: C
Dimensions: 50 x 26
Item codes: C / LR14 / MN1400 / LR14L / AM2/ 4014 / AM-2 / BABY
Material: NiMH
Units per box card: 2
Voltage: 1.2V
SKU: VAR-RB-02313
Barcode: 4008496550746
Weight: 134g

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