Ansmann Powerline 5 Pro Traveller Battery Charger

SKU: ANN-BC-03199 Weight: 780g

Sale price£49.90£41.58 ex VAT


A truly professional device suitable for rechargeable batteries from all manufacturers - including AAA, AA, C, D and even a 9V block-style battery very few other chargers on the market today are able to accommodate.

Offering an impressive 4 separate charging programmes for you to choose from, this charger is able to fully charge, pre-charge and simply refresh - whatever you require. Better still, you're able to choose a specific charging programme for each individual charging slot, and rechargeable batteries that are no longer usable will be instantly identified by this device.

Boasting a truly comprehensive array of features both you and your batteries can rely on, this charger also offers multi-load overcharge protection and automatic trickle-charge activation to ensure all your batteries are in peak condition and ready to use as soon as they're removed from the device.

Chargeable cells: AA / AAA / C / D / 9V / USB
SKU: ANN-BC-03199
Barcode: 4013674023691
Weight: 780g

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