Ansmann Powerline 8 AA & AAA Battery Charger | UK & EU Plug

SKU: ANN-CH-02928 Weight: 530g

Sale price£41.95£34.96 ex VAT


Boasting an impressive 8 charging ports allowing you to charge up to 8 individual batteries at one time, the Ansmann Powerline 8 AA & AAA Battery Charger is an absolute must-have if you regularly use rechargeable batteries.

This charger is effortlessly versatile. Reverse polarity is also a feature offered by this charger, meaning all batteries will still be optimally charged even if accidentally inserted upside down, and accurate LED indicators offer real-time updates on charging progress.

Able to function across a wide range of extreme hot and cold temperatures and providing an innovative trickle charge function to ensure all batteries are at peak performance level when removed from the device, the Ansmann Powerline 8 AA & AAA Battery Charger is available NOW at at one of the most budget-friendly, competitive prices you'll find online today!

Chargeable cells: AA / AAA / USB
SKU: ANN-CH-02928
Barcode: 4013674019403
Weight: 530g

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