Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Charger with UK/EU Adaptor

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Help keep your batteries charged and ready to use with the Powerline 4.2 Pro battery charger from Ansmann. This compact device accepts up to four AA or AAA cells in any combination, and charges them individually. With four charging programs available, you can charge batteries fast or slow, refresh their capacity or recover power when they're nearly dead. Individual settings ensure each battery is charged up to its full potential.

The Powerline 4.2 Pro Charger is a powerful quick-charge station that has a rapid charge cycle of just 40 minutes, and an easy-to-read LCD display that shows the charging status, including elapsed time, voltage and current. It's ideal for travel with dual power input (120V and 240V AC), so you can work on holiday or business trips without having to carry additional adaptors with you.

Features Include:

  • Actively refreshes used rechargeable batteries, through fully draining, refreshing and recharging.

  • Batteries do not need to be inserted in pairs

  • Over-charging protection with trickle current

  • Reverse polarity protection and detection of faulty and non-rechargeable alkaline cells.

  • Automatic shut-off guarantees optimally charged batteries and a gentle charging process.

Batteries included: true
SKU: ANN-CH-02179
Barcode: 4013674161034
Weight: 504g

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