Ansmann Powerline 2 Battery Charger for 9V PP3 Batteries

SKU: ANN-CH-02949 Weight: 210g

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This Ansmann Powerline 2 9V 6LR61 battery charger is perfect for both amateur and professional use. It features individual cell monitoring, charging cycles for each slot and colour-coded LED displays to give simple updates on the charging progress. Its state of the art microprocessor-controlled charging system optimises battery charging to maximise service life, and its automatic shutdown functionality as soon as the cells are fully charged protects against overcharging.

The three-pin socket on the charger makes it suitable for UK use, where a two-pin socket adapter is also included. The charger also includes a three year warranty as standard.

Features Include:

  • Batteries can be charged individually as well as in a pair.

  • Automatic start and switchover to pulse charging, to maximise the cells life.

  • Over-charging protection with a safety timer.

  • Defective cell and reverse polarity protection.

  • Charging current during standard cycle: 70mA.

SKU: ANN-CH-02949
Barcode: 4013674125463
Weight: 210g

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