Energizer Universal Battery Charger

SKU: ENE-CH-02130 Weight: 450g

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This is the brand new sleek model Universal Battery Charger from Energizer!

The most versatile battery charger available from Energizer, this Universal Battery Charger is all you will need to charge an array of batteries in both the home and workplace.

Ideal for those who have a wide range of electronic devices that require differing batteries, this Energizer Universal Battery Charger will seamlessly charge your batteries in a mere 3-6 hours. Also featuring a useful easy-to-read screen that will alert you on the charging progress of your batteries, you will always be updated throughout the entire charging process.

As Energizer is one of the leading battery manufacturers here in the UK, you can be rest assured that this battery charger is designed and developed with only the highest quality performance in mind. Specifically made for longevity and consistent peak performance, this Energizer Universal Battery Charger will not let you down.

Chargeable cells: AA / AA / C / D / 9V
SKU: ENE-CH-02130
Barcode: 7638900298741
Weight: 450g

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