Energizer Maxi Charger | Inc 4 x AA 1300mAh Rechargeable Batteries

SKU: ENE-CH-02131 Weight: 230g

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The Energizer Maxi Battery Charger is the only charger you will ever need for your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. Whether you are charging in the home or workplace, this portable charger will offer consistent charging ability at maximum performance.

Best used overnight for optimum results, the Energizer Maxi Battery Charger also features a useful shut-off mechanism. Automatic and requiring no input from the user, this mechanism will turn off the charging after 11 hours, meaning that you will never run the risk of over-charging which can be detrimental to a battery's longevity and performance potential.

Strong enough to fully charge batteries so they are able to power even the most high-drain of electronic devices, the Energizer Maxi Battery Charger also comes accompanied with 4 AA rechargeable batteries ready for you to use straight away.

If you're simply looking for a reliable battery charger that won't break the bank, this is certainly the one for you!

Chargeable cells: AA / AAA
SKU: ENE-CH-02131
Barcode: 7638900323252
Weight: 230g

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