Energizer Pro Battery Charger | Inc 4 x AA 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries

SKU: ENE-CH-02581 Weight: 260g

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As the name would suggest, this battery charger truly is a pro at perfectly charging your rechargeable batteries every time.

Capable of fully charging either 2 or 4 AA/AAA Batteries in a mere 3 hours, the Energizer Pro Battery Charger is all you need to ensure a fast and consistent supply of reliably charged batteries ready to be used straight away.

This charger also features a handy system of lights that will alert you with how your batteries are charging and progressing; red signals that charging has begun, yellow signals that your batteries are 50% charged, and green will appear when your batteries are fully charged ready to go. With a signalling system as simple as this, it is literally impossible to go wrong.

Also including 4 AA rechargeable batteries in the package, this Energizer Pro Battery Charger is available right now here at batteries1st.co.uk at one of the most cost-effective prices found on the market!

Chargeable cells: AA / AAA
SKU: ENE-CH-02581
Barcode: 7638900398380
Weight: 260g

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