Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries | Size 10 | Yellow | 6 Pack

SKU: RAY-HA-02752 Weight: 4g

Sale price£1.69£1.41 ex VAT


Brought to you exclusively from the world's #1 hearing aid battery manufacturer, Rayovac, this 6-pack of hearing aid batteries are sure to make your hearing clearer than ever. Everyone has the right to hear, regardless of age or condition, and Rayovac focused on that precise concept when developing these batteries.

Most suitable for smaller hearing aids designed to be placed directly into the ear canal, these size 10 batteries utilize brand-new Clear Sound Technology. As the name suggests, this technology has been specifically formulated to make all sounds clearer and crisper to the ear, meaning you'll never have to ask anyone to repeat what they've said ever again!

We believe hearing is a basic necessity for everyone, which is why we're offering this 6-pack of Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries at one of the most cost-effective prices available today. So, if you thought getting a decent set of batteries for your hearing aid was going to cost a fortune, think again!

Battery size: ZA10
Dimensions: 3.6 x 5.9
Item codes: 0 / Yellow / 10AE / PR70 / PR10 / PR230L / PR536
Material: Zinc Air
Units per box card: 6
Voltage: 1.45
SKU: RAY-HA-02752
Barcode: 96127001
Weight: 4g

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