Panasonic Zinc AA LR6 Batteries | 10 Pack

SKU: PAN-ZB-02954 Weight: 180g

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The Panasonic Zinc AA LR6 are a set of dry cell batteries featuring a carbon zinc cell that interacts with manganese, powdered carbon, and oxide to deliver a steady source of power. The batteries' voltage is 1.5v and their shelf life is approximately 36 months.

The Panasonic Zinc AA LR6 Batteries will help you save time, money and hassle with your everyday devices that run on AA batteries. These high-quality alkaline batteries deliver consistent performance and are perfect for use in low-power appliances such as clocks, remote controls, small toys, transistor radios, calculators and more.

Panasonic Zinc AA LR6 Batteries are mercury and lead-free, making them a great choice for use in household devices. Each pack of batteries has 10 units, providing ample backup power that can be stored around the house as a convenient backup or used to power smaller devices when needed.

Zinc batteries are a cost-effective alternative to alkaline and lithium batteries and are a cheaper option for low power devices such as computer mice and remotes.

Battery size: AA
SKU: PAN-ZB-02954
Barcode: 5410853045724
Weight: 180g

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