Panasonic CR2025 Coin Cell Batteries | 6 Pack

SKU: PAN-CC-02277 Weight: 20g

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Panasonic CR2025 batteries are coin cell batteries, also called 'watch' or 'button' batteries due to their small size and round shape. They have a diameter of 20mm and a height of 2.5mm with a capacity of 150-170mAh. These small cells have a weight of 2.5g.

The Panasonic CR2025 Coin Cell Batteries (6 Pack) can be substituted for DL2025, EA100CF, ECR2025, KL2025 and L12 cells. Panasonic coin cells are commonly used to power small, electronic products. These batteries are supplied in a pack containing 6 units and each battery has a shelf life of up to 10 years.

The exclusive flat top of the CR2025 coin cell battery makes it easy to insert the battery in a device and provides adequate contact pressure for optimum performance. Using this Panasonic CR2025 lithium battery is the perfect choice for powering small electronic devices such as medical equipment, quartz clocks and many others.

Battery size: CR2025
SKU: PAN-CC-02277
Barcode: 5410853043829
Weight: 20g

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