Maxell CR2032 Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: MAX-CC-01351 Weight: 6g

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Impressively stable and guaranteed to provide long-lasting power to your devices, the Maxell CR2032 Coin Cell Battery is not to be missed.

Compact in both shape and size like many other coin cells, this battery can easily be kept in storage for up to a huge 10 years without losing any of its original charge. And, as this cell can seamlessly operate at a wide range of temperatures, it's the perfect choice for powering devices that simultaneously heat up as they function.

Compatible with many small electronics including watches, remote controls and doorbells, the Maxell CR2032 coin cell will make an asset to most homes - whether you choose to use it immediately or store away. Available now at at a budget-friendly price, call us on 03330 119 119 for more information.

Battery size: CR2032
Dimensions: 3.2 x 20
Item codes: BR2032 / L2032 / DL2032 / EA2032C / ECR2032 / L14 / LF1-2V / SB-T15 / 2032
Material: Lithium
Units per box card: 1
Voltage: 3V
SKU: MAX-CC-01351
Barcode: 4902580103040
Weight: 6g

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