GP ReCyko+ AA HR6 2600mAh Rechargeable Batteries | 4 Pack

SKU: GPB-RB-02784 Weight: 130g

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Offering impressively-high levels of power and charging capacity, this 4-pack of GP ReCyko+ AA HR6 2600mAh Rechargeable Batteries is the perfect option for any modern-day home or workplace.

Featuring a durable nickel metal hydride construction, these batteries are suitable for many high-drain devices. These include remote control toys, portable music players, photography equipment and games consoles.

Versatile and incredibly durable, this 4-pack is supplied pre-charged and ready to use right away. Able to withstand a huge 300 re-charges (that's up to six years of use!), this 4-pack won't let you - or your devices - down.

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Battery size: AA
SKU: GPB-RB-02784
Barcode: 4891199077753
Weight: 130g

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