GP LR54 189 Button Cell Batteries | 10 Pack

SKU: GP-BC-02739 Weight: 14g

Sale price£1.60£1.33 ex VAT


Specifically designed to be used in a wide range of small, handheld electronics such as toys, digital cameras, calculators and wrist watches, this 10-pack of super lightweight GP LR54 189 button cell batteries is sure to become an integral member of many modern homes and workplaces.

Guaranteed to provide a reliable, consistent level of power to satisfy the needs of low-drain, small devices, these button-like batteries are also leak-resistant and safe to both use and dispose of.

Also able to be kept in storage for up to seven years without losing any of their original charge value, this 10-pack is of supremely high quality - without an unfairly high price tag!

Battery size: LR54
Dimensions: 11.6 x 3.1
Item codes: LR54 / VG10
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 10
Voltage: 1.5
SKU: GP-BC-02739
Barcode: 4891199015519
Weight: 14g

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