GP A11 11A Batteries | 5 Pack

SKU: GP-AB-02745 Weight: 26g

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Available in a handy pack of 5, these GP A11 11A Batteries are conveniently lightweight without compromising on power or quality.

Specifically designed for single-use, these particular GP batteries are a brilliant choice for small, high-drain electronics. These include keyless entry systems, car alarms, remote controls and many examples of security and photography equipment too.

Utilising industry-leading chemistry and boasting an impressively-high shelf life, you're able to keep any spares for up to several years without having to worry they'll lose their charge value.

For more information about our large GP battery range, visit our contact page where you'll find multiple methods of getting in touch with the team.

Battery size: A11
Dimensions: 16 x 10
Item codes: A11 / L1016 / MN11 / 11A / E11A / GP-11A / GP11A / LR11A
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 5
Voltage: 6V
SKU: GP-AB-02745
Barcode: 4891199011467
Weight: 26g

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