Eveready PJ996 4R25 6V Lantern Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: EVE-AB-02172 Weight: 538g

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Expertly created for use in a variety of camping lamps, the Eveready PJ996 4R25 6V lantern battery is guaranteed to provide reliable performance at all times.

Single-use and boasting a zinc-carbon structure to provide ultimate practicality, this battery is also totally free of cadmium and mercury - making it much less harmful than many other lantern alternatives. Also complete with a secure plastic shell to avoid corrosion and leakage, this battery is the perfect option for camping and many other outdoor activities.

Along with all other Eveready batteries, this 6V lantern battery is available at batteries1st.co.uk at one of the most cost-effective prices you'll find - no matter your budget.

Battery size: PJ996 4R25 Lantern Battery
Dimensions: Height: 110mm Width: 67mm Length: 67mm
Item codes: PJ996 / 4R25 / Lantern
Material: Zinc Carbon
Units per box card: 1
Voltage: 6V
SKU: EVE-AB-02172
Barcode: 5010419043517
Weight: 538g

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