Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries | 40 Pack

SKU: ENE-AB-02773 Weight: 1060g

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Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries in a 40-pack deliver unparalleled value and performance, perfectly suited for both commercial and personal use. To maximize value and ensure optimal freshness, these 40-pack sets are thoughtfully compiled from smaller 8-pack units. This strategy not only offers competitive pricing but also ensures each battery maintains the high-quality standards Energizer is known for.

Key Features:

  • Bulk Convenience: The 40-pack ensures a plentiful supply of batteries, keeping you prepared for all your device requirements.
  • Enhanced Value: By consolidating these batteries from 8-pack units, we provide a cost-effective solution, passing the savings directly to our customers.
  • Superior Performance: Energizer Max AA LR6 batteries are celebrated for their robust and reliable power output, compatible with both high and low-drain devices.
  • Leak-Proof Construction: Designed to prevent leakage, these batteries protect your devices and offer added reliability.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, these batteries are manufactured mercury-free, underscoring our ecological commitment.

Device Compatibility: Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries in this 40-pack are perfect for a broad array of devices, including:

  • Emergency and Security Equipment: Ideal for smoke detectors, security cameras, and emergency flashlights.
  • Entertainment Devices: Powers remote controls for televisions, gaming systems, and other entertainment technology.
  • Outdoor and Adventure Equipment: Suitable for GPS units, camping tools, and portable gaming systems.
  • Home Necessities: Essential for kitchen appliances, digital clocks, and wireless meteorological stations.
  • Educational and Office Tools: Useful for battery-operated staplers, label printers, and scientific calculators.

Technical Specifications and Freshness Guarantee: Each Energizer Max AA LR6 battery in this 40-pack provides a 1.5V output, ideal for devices requiring AA batteries. The alkaline technology ensures dependable energy supply in various temperature conditions. Assembling these packs from smaller units not only enhances cost-effectiveness but also promotes fresher batteries, boosting performance and extending shelf life. This method exemplifies our commitment to delivering premium, economical, and eco-friendly battery solutions.

In conclusion, the Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries in a 40-pack are a practical and economical choice for a wide range of power needs. This package is crafted for those who prioritize efficiency and environmental responsibility, offering a dependable power source for a vast array of devices while focusing on environmental preservation.

Battery size: AA
Chargeable cells: No
Dimensions: Height: 51mm Diameter: 15 mm
Item codes: AA, LR6, MN1500, PC1500, E91, AM3, LR6/M, KAA, AM-3, MIGNON
Units per box card: 40
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: ENE-AB-02773
Barcode: 5060427871008
Weight: 1060g

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