Energizer CR1616 L28 Coin Cell Lithium Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: ENE-CC-02033 Weight: 4g

Sale price£1.49£1.24 ex VAT


Expertly crafted to power small low-drain devices such as wrist watches and calculators, the Energizer CR1616 L28 Coin Cell Lithium battery will make a great addition to your day-to-day life. Its lithium composition offers increased reliability of performance than any alkaline counterparts, and boasts an impressive lifespan of up to 10 years.

Many people don't actually realise that these batteries are also compatible with life-saving medical equipment such as glucose and heart rate monitors. These devices clearly require durable power that's going to last, and that's exactly what this battery will provide.

As Energizer is one of the leading battery brands in the UK, we strive to stock a variety of their batteries here at batteries1st.co.uk. We're able to offer you this battery at an extremely inexpensive price you won't find anywhere else online, so regardless of your budget you're still able to power your small devices.

Battery size: CR1616
Dimensions: 16 x 1.6
Item codes: CR1616 / L28 / DL1616 / BR1616 / 1616
Material: Lithium
Units per box card: 1
Voltage: 3V
SKU: ENE-CC-02033
Barcode: 7638900019773
Weight: 4g

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