Energizer CR1225 BR1225 Lithium Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: ENE-CC-02030 Weight: 4g

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Used in a variety of small devices such as watches, remotes, calculators and important medical equipment such as glucose monitors, this Energizer CR1225 is a must-have for the modern home or workplace.

Due to their lithium composition, these batteries are much longer-lasting than their alkaline counterparts. Also capable of providing peak performance at all times no matter how long they're used for, this Energizer CR1225 Lithium Battery won't let you down!

Supplied in economic packaging, this battery will have very little wastage which makes it one of the most economical and green-friendly batteries around on the market today. As it's a speciality battery featuring a very small size, space will not be a problem when storing this battery. It's thin and coin-shaped exterior means you can comfortably keep it in any drawer or even in your pocket! Whatever your preference, this battery can be kept virtually anywhere.

Battery size: CR1225
Dimensions: 90x45x5
Item codes: DL1225 / CR1225 / 1225 / BR1225 / 1225
Material: Lithium
Units per box card: 1
Voltage: 3V
SKU: ENE-CC-02030
Barcode: 7638900053203
Weight: 4g

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