Energizer Alkaline Power AAA LR03 Batteries | 5 Pack | 4+1 Free

SKU: ENE-AB-03236 Weight: 62g

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As AAA batteries are one of the UK's most popular for both the home and workplace, these Energizer Alkaline Power LR03 Batteries will make a superb choice. When compared to regular alkaline batteries, the exclusive Alkaline Power range has been specifically designed to provide even more reliable power and resistance to leakage.

Compatible with a huge range of small electronic devices such as digital cameras, TV remotes and toys, AAA batteries are regularly considered to be an essential for every modern household. And, considering the added benefits from Energizer's Alkaline Power range, these batteries will be everyone's ideal option.

Better still, we understand the importance of AAA batteries for the majority of people, which is why we're providing this 4 pack with an extra battery absolutely free. That's right, if you order from us today, you'll be getting 5 Energizer Alkaline Power AAA LR03 Batteries for the price of 4!

Battery size: AAA
Dimensions: 44 x 10.5
Item codes: AAA / LR03 / MN2400 / PC1500 / AM4 / K3A / 4003 / MX2400
Material: Alkaline
Other notes: 5 | 4+1 Free
Units per box card: 5
Voltage: 1.5
SKU: ENE-AB-03236
Barcode: 7638900414981
Weight: 62g

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