Energizer 362-361 AG11 SR721SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: ENE-WB-02103 Weight: 1g

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Compatible with a variety of both high-drain and low-drain watches, the Energizer 362-361 SR721SW Watch Battery is perfect for those who are watch owners. Whether you own a single watch or have an impressive watch collection, this battery is guaranteed to provide unparalleled power and performance, ensuring you always know what time it is!

Boasting a superbly-long shelf-life, the Energizer 362-361 SR721SW is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. So, whether you're partial to blisteringly hot holidays in the sun, or prefer camping in chilly English countryside, you can be rest assured that your watch will offer peak performance no matter what conditions you're in.

Specifically designed with stability and precision in mind, it's no wonder that this battery is a true winner; Energizer are one of the most reputable battery brands in the UK and, here at batteries1st.co.uk, we aim to only stock the best quality around.

Battery size: 395-399 SR927SW
SKU: ENE-WB-02103
Barcode: 7638900252996
Weight: 1g

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