Energizer 346 SR712SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: ENE-WB-02102 Weight: 1g

Sale price£1.99£1.66 ex VAT


Providing one of the most stable voltage performances money can buy, the Energizer 346 SR812SW battery is all you'll need to ensure a reliable and consistent power supply for your watch.

As Energizer is one of the UK's top-rated and most popular battery manufacturers, you can be rest assured that you'll be receiving one of the highest-quality batteries out there on the market today. Capable of providing over five years of unparalleled power, you will always be on-time should you power your watch with a battery such as this.

Here at batteries1st.co.uk, we understand that watches are a vital component for a hassle-free day and home environment. This is why we offer reduced prices should you choose to bulk order these batteries, meaning that your entire family's watches (or all of your individual watches if you are a collector!) will be guaranteed expert power whenever it's required!

Battery size: 346 SR712SW
SKU: ENE-WB-02102
Barcode: 7638900059809
Weight: 1g

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