Duracell Lithium CR2 Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: DUR-LB-02209 Weight: 14g

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The Duracell CR2 battery has the DuraLock facility allowing it to maimntain its energy, in storage for up to seven years when unused. This long lasting, reliable battery is a powerful source of energy to power a digital camera. It provides a sufficient source of durable energy, allowing the peace of mind that no moment will be missed. The Duracell CR2 battery holds its power efficiently owing to the Duralock 10 Year Power Preserve technology that is built in as standard. Although predominantly used in cameras, the Duracell CR2 battery is compatible for use in many other devices too, such as some burglar alarm sensors and torches.

SKU: DUR-LB-02209
Barcode: 5000394020306
Weight: 14g

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