Duracell Procell Intense CR123A Batteries | 10 Pack

SKU: DUR-AB-03223 Weight: 186g

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The Duracell Procell Intense CR123A batteries are the perfect solution for when you require a higher level of quality than the standard Duracell range of batteries. Duracell Procell Intense CR123 batteries use higher performance materials to create a longer lasting power source at their core, which is then sealed and tested to ensure maximum performance. The low discharge rate also helps keep the battery running almost as well as it was when fresh, regardless of how long it has been idle.

Investing in Procell Intense CR123 batteries is ideal for engineers who need to replace larger quantities of batteries directly in equipment. Use these Procell Intense CR123 batteries to power up your security devices and save time and money.

Never run out of battery power again with our 10 pack of Duracell Procell CR123A batteries. These high quality batteries are super efficient and can be used in a range of devices including flashlights, cameras and GPS systems.

Battery size: CR123A
Dimensions: 34 x 17
Item codes: DL123 / CR123A / CR17345 /123 / CR17345 / K123LA / CR123 / EL123AP / BR2/3A / CR123R / CR17335 / L123A / PL123
Material: Lithium
Units per box card: 10
Voltage: 3V
SKU: DUR-AB-03223
Barcode: 5000394163393
Weight: 186g

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