Duracell Procell CR123A Batteries | 10 Pack

SKU: DUR-AB-03118 Weight: 170g

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The Duracell Procell CR123A Batteries are an essential part of a professional security system, compatible with torches, alarm systems and other devices. These single-use batteries are designed for long-term use and thanks to their heavy duty lithium technology they provide reliable power in high drain applications.

Superior to traditional alkaline batteries, this Duracell Procell CR123A lithium battery is versatile and has the ability to operate in harsh temperatures, between -20°C and 60°C. With 10 batteries included, they are packaged in a plastic-free, recyclable box, making it an economical choice compared to alternatives. All aspects of the design, safety and manufacturing follows Procell's strict standards.

Battery size: CR123A
Dimensions: 34 x 17
Item codes: DL123 / CR123A / CR17345 /123 / CR17345 / K123LA / CR123 / EL123AP / BR2/3A / CR123R / CR17335 / L123A / PL123
Material: Lithium
Units per box card: 10
Voltage: 3V
SKU: DUR-AB-03118
Barcode: 5000394020320
Weight: 170g

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