Duracell Procell Constant AA LR6 PC1500 Batteries | Box of 100

SKU: DUR-AB-03063 Weight: 2502g

Sale price£31.95£26.63 ex VAT


Specifically designed for wholesale, battery enthusiasts or high-volume workplaces with a vast array of electronic devices used on a daily basis, this 100 bulk-pack of Duracell Procell AA batteries is guaranteed to last for years. However, if you have a large home that uses a huge amount of AA-compatible electronics on a daily basis, this bulk pack is definitely worth the investment!

Not only will you save a large amount of money in the long run but, as AA batteries are perhaps the most popular type found in today's modern homes and workplaces, you're almost guaranteed to have an extensive use for them. From toys to clocks to radios, these batteries will power an endless amount of electronics. And, as Duracell is one of the UK's biggest battery manufacturers with an outstanding reputation, you can be rest assured you're receiving premium quality when purchasing this bulk-pack.

As this is perhaps one of the biggest bulk-packs of Duracell Procell AA batteries on the internet today, it would make sense to assume this 100-pack comes with an equally bulky price point. But, here at batteries1st.co.uk, we understand the whole benefit of bulk-buying is to save money in the long run, which is why we're exclusively offering our 100-pack of Duracell Procell AA LR6 batteries at an extremely cost-effective price certain to suit most budgets.

Battery size: AA
Dimensions: 51 x 15
Item codes: AA / LR6 / MN1500 / PC1500 / E91 / AM3 / LR6M / KAA / AM-3 / MIGNON
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 100
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: DUR-AB-03063
Barcode: 5060427871336
Weight: 2502g

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