Duracell Plus AA LR6 Batteries | 8 Pack

SKU: DUR-AB-01451 Weight: 208g

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Easy to use and available in packs of eight, these strong Alkaline AA batteries are designed to work when it matters. Use them to power your everyday devices such as radios and flashlights. These Duracell Plus AA MN1500 batteries offer stable power that’s reliable and trusted by consumers around the globe. With a longer battery life than the previous Original Duracell products, you can rest assured that your devices will keep running for longer.

Upgrade your batteries for longer life, better performance and extended power. Duracell Plus have a shelf-life of at least 8 years in storage which means they can be stored on the shelf or in the drawer until you need them.

Battery size: AA
SKU: DUR-AB-01451
Barcode: 5000394017764
Weight: 208g

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