Duracell Optimum AA LR6 Batteries | 12 Pack

SKU: DUR-AB-03153 Weight: 308g

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The Duracell Optimum AA (LR6) is a long-lasting, super heavy-duty battery that works in all devices that require an LR6 battery. The box contains 12 batteries and fully recyclable packaging. Produced by Duracell, you can trust this product to be of the highest quality.

Duracell's longest lasting AA batteries in a very convenient pack. Extra life, extra power and 200% longer in your device mean you can use them harder. These Duracell 1.5V batteries are great for motorised gadgets where you need a decent amount of power but don't want to drain the battery too quickly.

Battery size: AA
Dimensions: 170x120x17
Item codes: AA / LR6 / MN1500 / PC1500 / E91 / AM3 / LR6M / KAA / AM-3 / MIGNON
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 12
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: DUR-AB-03153
Barcode: 5000394137905
Weight: 308g

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