Duracell Lithium CR2 Batteries | 2 Pack

SKU: DUR-LB-02777 Weight: 36g

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Predominantly used in digital cameras, the Duracell CR2 battery is a powerful source of energy, giving the assurance that you can catch all the best camera moments without worrying about the durability and reliability of power. Despite being long lasting and reliable, the eventuality of losing power in a battery when using a high drain device like a digital camera is inevitable. That is why having a back up battery is a good idea. Buying a larger quantity in the long run is the more economical option and there is no concern of them losing energy whilst in storage, as the Duracell CR2 battery's fantastic shelf life of up to seven years will allow it to retain the energy until a replacement is required. The Duracell CR2 battery is also compatible in many more small devices such as some burglar alarm sensors.

SKU: DUR-LB-02777
Barcode: 5000394030480
Weight: 36g

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