Duracell Activair Size 312 | Brown | Easytab Hearing Aid Batteries | 6 Pack

SKU: DUR-HA-02685 Weight: 11g

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Duracell Activair 312 batteries are designed to meet the needs of those with hearing problems. These batteries provide 15% more power than previous models and feature a new tab that makes them easy to remove from the device.

Make changing your batteries easy. Duracell Activair size 312 hearing aid batteries with the Duralock Power Preserve technology are specially designed to maintain their performance in storage for up to 4 years and won't leak, so you can be confident they will be there when you need them most.

Made by Duracell, Duracell Activair size 312 batteries are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation for quality and ease of use. These hearing aid batteries also have a 4 year in storage guarantee, allowing you to keep your battery until you need it! Duracell Activair 312 come in a 6 pack and contain zero mercury.

Battery size: ZA312
Dimensions: 90x45x10
Item codes: ZA312 / PR41 / AC312 / DA312 / 312
Material: Zinc Air
Units per box card: 6
Voltage: 1.4V
SKU: DUR-HA-02685
Barcode: 96077573
Weight: 11g

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