Duracell Activair Size 13 | Orange | Easytab Hearing Aid Batteries | 6 Pack

SKU: DUR-HA-02683 Weight: 11g

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Duracell hearing aid batteries are designed to provide long-lasting power to compatible hearing aids. These button-style zinc-air batteries are available in a pack of 6, and features orange code identifying the size.

These Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries contain Zinc Air technology and come individually wrapped, making them ideal for any time you may need to have extra batteries on hand.

Duracell batteries are one of the leading manufacturers of single use batteries. Duracell hearing aid batteries are mercury-free, non-corrosive and leak resistant.

Battery size: ZA13
Dimensions: 90x45x10
Item codes: ZA13 / PR48 / AC13 / DA13 / 13
Material: Zinc Air
Units per box card: 6
Voltage: 1.4V
SKU: DUR-HA-02683
Barcode: 96077566
Weight: 11g

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