Duracell LR44 A76 V13GA Button Cell Batteries | 2 Pack

SKU: DLLR44B2 Weight: 6g

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This Duracell LR44 A76 V13GA button cell battery pack is a premium choice to power watches, children's books, hand-held video games, pen lights and calculators. Duracell's guarantee for long lasting and quality batteries means this LR44 battery is the perfect fit, regardless of what device you are powering.

Duracell batteries are designed to meet the demands of devices and machines that require high-energy levels over long periods of time. Duracell batteries are guaranteed to work in extreme conditions, including freezing temperatures.

Battery size: LR44
Dimensions: 120x85x5
Item codes: LR44 / AG13 / G13 / L1154 / V13GA / A76 / 1166A / A76LR44 / AG-13 / FM28F / GP76A / GPA76 / KA76 / L1154 / RW82 / V13GA
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 2
Voltage: 1.5V
Barcode: 5000394504424
Weight: 6g

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