Duracell 357/303 SR44W Button Cell Batteries | 2 Pack

SKU: DUR-BC-01355 Weight: 8g

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The Duracell DL357/303 is a quality-made high-performance battery. It features a long lasting, power packed design that makes it ideal for use in watches and other small electronic devices. This battery is easy to install and replaces many standard watch batteries on the market today.

The 357/303 SR44WW battery is a small, silver-oxide battery that works in a variety of wrist and pocket watches, calculators, cameras, talking books, and other small toys. Encased with high quality material for the interior circuitry and strong silver-plated copper for the positive center electrode, it's able to give your watch the power it needs to run as long as possible. Economical and available at ample supply, the 357/303 SR44WW is there when you need it most.

This 2-pack of 357/303 batteries from Duracell has a 170-200mAh capacity and 1.5V voltage. They operate in an operating temperature range of -28C to 55C, are 11.6mm in diameter, and 5.4mm in height. This mercury-free battery has no hazardous materials and is safe for the environment.

Battery size: DL357 / 357 / 303
Dimensions: 120x85x5
Item codes: DL357 / 357-303 / SR44W / D357 / K576 / V357 / V541 / Bulova 228 / Seiko SB-B9 / Citizen 280-08 / 357
Material: Silver Oxide
Units per box card: 2
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: DUR-BC-01355
Barcode: 5000394013858
Weight: 8g

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