Ansmann Solar Garden Lights AA HR6 800mAh Rechargeable Batteries | 2 Pack

SKU: ANN-RB-02361 Weight: 36g

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If you're using any other batteries to power your solar garden lights, it's high time you upgraded. As the name suggests, these Solar Garden Lights AA Rechargeable Batteries exclusively from Ansmann have been specifically developed for the sole purpose of powering garden lights. This means they've been perfectly engineered to satisfy all power requirements by solar garden lights, giving you seamless functioning at all times.

Able to withstand several hundred different charging cycles, these batteries are almost guaranteed to last longer than any other battery you've had powering your solar lights before. And due to the high charge capacity of these batteries, they'll provide a steady source of power to your lights throughout the night and ensure they charge perfectly throughout the day.

Better still, both batteries in this pack will arrive fully charged, meaning you can have perfectly-powered solar garden lights immediately without having to waste any time on the charging process! As these batteries are perhaps more specialist than the others in the Ansmann range, it would make sense to assume they have a higher price tag. But, here at, no matter how specialist a battery is we always strive to provide the cheapest possible price - and that's exactly what we've done!

Battery size: AA
Dimensions: 51 x 15
Item codes: NM1500 / AA / LR6 / HR6 / DC1500
Material: NiMH
Units per box card: 2
Voltage: 1.2V
SKU: ANN-RB-02361
Barcode: 4013674003525
Weight: 36g

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