Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries | 24 Pack

SKU: ENE-AB-02772 Weight: 636g

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Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries, available in a convenient 24-pack, deliver unmatched value and performance suitable for both commercial and personal use. To meet the varied needs of our customers, we strategically combine smaller packs, such as 8-packs and promotional bundles, to create these 24-pack offerings. This method ensures competitive pricing while upholding the high-quality standards associated with the Energizer brand.

Key Features:
- Prolonged Power Supply: The 24-pack format provides an extended power source, enabling devices to operate efficiently over longer durations.
- Cost-Effective Solution: By amalgamating smaller packs and promotional offers, we are able to offer these batteries at highly competitive rates.
- Consistent Performance: Each battery in the 24-pack delivers dependable, long-lasting power, making them suitable for both regular and intensive use.
- Safe and Secure: Designed to be leak-resistant, these batteries protect devices from potential damage, ensuring both user safety and device longevity.
- Environmentally Friendly: In line with our commitment to sustainability, these batteries are manufactured without mercury, highlighting our dedication to environmental preservation.

Device Compatibility:
Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries in this 24-pack are designed to power a wide range of devices, including:
- Home Appliances: Such as wall clocks, digital thermometers, and wireless doorbells.
- Entertainment Devices: Including game controllers, portable speakers, and MP3 players.
- Personal Care Products: Like electric toothbrushes, shavers, and grooming devices.
- Healthcare Equipment: Essential for operating blood pressure monitors and glucose meters.
- Office Gadgets: Ideal for wireless office tools like calculators and digital recorders.

Further Information:
Each battery in the Energizer Max AA LR6 24-pack has a voltage of 1.5V and is perfectly suited for devices requiring AA cells. Their alkaline composition ensures a stable and continuous energy output. By assembling these 24-packs from units of 8-packs and promotional bundles, we provide an economically beneficial option without sacrificing quality. This package represents not just an investment in dependable energy, but also in cost efficiency and environmental responsibility.

In summary, the Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries, offered in an economically priced pack of 24, blend superior performance with eco-friendliness. This package is designed to satisfy the requirements of both individual consumers and businesses, providing a reliable and long-lasting energy solution for a diverse range of devices.

Battery size: AA
Chargeable cells: No
Dimensions: Height: 51mm Diameter: 15 mm
Item codes: AA, LR6, MN1500, PC1500, E91, AM3, LR6/M, KAA, AM-3, MIGNON
Units per box card: 24
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: ENE-AB-02772
Barcode: 5060427871022
Weight: 636g

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