Energizer Universal AAA HR03 500mAh Rechargeable Batteries | 4 Pack

SKU: ENE-RB-02128 Weight: 42g

Sale price£5.45£4.54 ex VAT


Featuring the capability of being charged 1000's of times, these Energizer Universal AAA Rechargeable Batteries will never let you down. You will be guaranteed consistent peak performance levels with every use, and those last-minute frantic runs to the shop for emergency batteries will certainly be a thing of the past once you have a supply of these batteries.

Better still, these batteries are supplied already pre-charged, meaning they can be used straight away as soon as you've taken them out of their packet. Providing both economic benefits and saving you both time and money in the long-run, these rechargeable batteries are the perfect option for any household or workplace.

As Energizer is a hugely popular brand of battery here in the UK, it would make sense to assume that batteries as top-performing and reliable as these would cost a lot of money. However, here at batteries1st.co.uk, we bring you these batteries at inexpensive cost-effective prices, meaning you won't have to break the bank to guarantee yourself reliability and consistency within your batteries!

Battery size: AAA
Dimensions: 44.5 x 10.5
Item codes: AAA / LR03 / MN2400 / PC2400 / AM4 / 4003 / K3A
Material: NiMH
Units per box card: 4
Voltage: 1.2V
SKU: ENE-RB-02128
Barcode: 7638900306965
Weight: 42g

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