Energizer 317 SR516SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack

SKU: ENE-WB-02093 Weight: 1g

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Economically packaged and guaranteed to provide years of power and service, the Energizer 317 SR516SW battery is perfectly compatible with popular watch brands such as Casio, Fossil and Swatch. Capable of providing over five years' worth of strong power, you can be rest assured that you'll always know what the time is!

Small and compact, the Energizer 317 can be discreetly kept until needed. Better still, this battery boasts an astonishing shelf-life of up to a huge 10 years. So, even if you don't immediately need a watch battery right now, don't hesitate to purchase one of these popular batteries to ensure that you'll have one stored away ready to be used at a moment's notice.

As Energizer is one of the UK's most highly-regarded battery manufacturers here in the UK, it would make sense to assume that their batteries are expensive. However, at batteries1st.co.uk, we strive to supply all our Energizer batteries at the cheapest possible price, meaning our customers can expect reliable power even when on a tight budget.

Battery size: 317 SR516SW
SKU: ENE-WB-02093
Barcode: 7638900055405
Weight: 1g

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