Duracell Plus C LR14 Batteries | 4 Pack

SKU: DUR-AB-02193 Weight: 298g

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Why use Duracell Plus C batteries? Duracell Plus C LR14 Batteries are the perfect choice for low to medium drain devices. These alkaline batteries deliver dependable performance, are great value and can be used in a range of everyday devices, from radios, torches and toys right through to hand sanitizer stations or alarms. No matter what you use them for, switch to these batteries and save money on regular purchases.

Save money by using these Duracell Plus batteries, which last longer from the start to the finish of all your power-hungry devices. They feature a built-in leak resistant seal to protect against moisture damage, so you can worry less about battery leaks. With 85% recycled packaging and zero mercury content compared to ordinary alkaline batteries, they help reduce your environmental impact too!

Unlike other alkaline battery brands, each battery is tested for full voltage and to ensure there's no leakage before leaving the factory, for peace of mind that lasts.

Battery size: C
Material: Alkaline
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: DUR-AB-02193
Barcode: 5000394019126
Weight: 298g

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