GP Ultra Alkaline C LR14 Batteries | 2 Pack

SKU: GPLR142ULT Weight: 150g

Sale price£1.79£1.49 ex VAT


Available in a handy pack of two, these GP Ultra Alkaline C LR14 Batteries will make a useful asset to any home.

C batteries are typically used to power devices such as bicycle lights, camping equipment, torches and portable radios. And, due to the immense power potential provided by these GP Ultra cells, you're guaranteed to receive a steady, long-lasting stream of power whenever needed.

Formulated using the best quality materials and featuring an innovative, durable alkaline construction, this 2-pack is effortlessly reliable.

Get your hands on a GP Ultra Alkaline C LR14 Battery 2-pack and take advantage of a superbly affordable price - only at!

Battery size: C
Barcode: 4891199034473
Weight: 150g

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