GP Lithium AA FR6 1.5V Batteries | 4 Pack

SKU: GP-LB-4562 Weight: 64g

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Thes long lasting GP Lithium AA batteries are the perfect choice for any power hungry device, like digital cameras and flashguns. These long lasting 1.5V cells have an amazing capacity for continuous discharge, and are widely used in medical settings.

Next time you run out of batteries remember these GP Lithium AA FR6 1.5V Batteries. With a shelf life of up to 10 years, you'll always be prepared. Each pack contains 4 x GP Lithium AA batteries, giving you an impressive 3100mAh capacity. These GP batteries can be used for everything from children's toys and torches to smoke alarms and clocks that need regular battery changes.

Battery size: AA
Dimensions: 51 x 15
Item codes: AA / LR6 / MN1500 / PC1500 / E91 / AM3 / LR6M / KAA / AM-3 / MIGNON
Material: Lithium
Units per box card: 4
Voltage: 1.5V
SKU: GP-LB-4562
Barcode: 4891199134562
Weight: 64g

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