Energizer Max AAA LR03 Alkaline Batteries (8+4) | 12 Pack

SKU: ENE-ALK-601 Weight: 154g

Sale price£5.75£4.79 ex VAT


Hugely versatile and specifically designed to be long-lasting and durable, this 12-pack of Energizer Max AAA LR03 alkaline batteries is guaranteed to impress. Suitable for a variety of workplaces in addition to the modern-day home, you can use these batteries to power clocks, toys, remote controls and even wireless mice.

Impressively leak-proof and offering a huge 10-year shelf life, these batteries are sure to still function at optimum level even after being kept in storage for years. Lightweight and able to last significantly longer than many standard alternatives, the entire Energizer Max range is built for maximum performance.

Available at one of the most cost-effective prices on the market today, you won't get better value for money than here at batteries1st.co.uk. Get your 12-pack of Energizer Max AAA alkaline batteries today!

Battery size: AAA
Dimensions: 44.5 x 10.5
Item codes: AAA / / LR03 / MN2400 / PC1500 / AM4 / K3A /4003 / MX2400
Material: Alkaline
Other notes: 8+4 Promo | 12 Pack
Units per box card: 12
Voltage: 1.5
Barcode: 7638900426601
Weight: 154g

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