Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries | 24 Bulk Pack

SKU: AAENEB24T Weight: 574g

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Exclusively from industry giant Energizer, this 24 bulk-pack of Energizer Max AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries has been specifically formulated to provide a higher degree of power than standard AA batteries.

Compatible with a huge array of small devices such as clocks, torches, toys and radios, these batteries are an essential for every modern home and workplace. And, as you're getting 24 in this cost-effective pack, you'll have a consistent supply of batteries available whenever you need them.

Featuring a super-impressive shelf-life of up to ten years, these batteries also boast protective mechanisms against leakage. So, if you have any little ones running around, you can be rest assured that, if they get their hands on some batteries, they won't be subject to dangerous leakage.

Here at batteries1st.co.uk, we believe everyone has the right to top-quality batteries no matter their budget. This is why we're offering this 24-pack at one of the cheapest prices out there, so you can purchase a reliable supply of Energizer Max batteries without the hefty price tag!

Battery size: AA
Dimensions: 51 x 15
Item codes: AA / LR6 / MN1500 / PC1500 / E91 / AM3 / LR6/M / KAA / AM-3 / MIGNON
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 24
Voltage: 1.5
Barcode: 5036446803283
Weight: 574g

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