Duracell Plus D LR20 Batteries | 6 Pack

SKU: MN1300B6PP Weight: 844g

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Duracell Plus D batteries are designed to work in a variety of different devices, meaning you can keep your trusty gadgets humming even in the most extreme conditions. The D size is ideal for devices that require a lot of power, such as torches and digital cameras.

The Duracell Plus is a battery that uses Graphite in the cathode, which has superior conductivity than other brands. This gives a higher amount of stored energy per cubic millimeter, leading to longer sustained output. It also helps save money from having to replace batteries as often and allows fewer batteries in landfills. Duracell's packaging is eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Testing ensures each battery is leak-free before it leaves the factory, so you can trust them in any device for added peace of mind.

Battery size: D
Dimensions: 205x100x35
Item codes: D / LR20 / MN1300 / MX1300 / LR20XL / AM1 / AM-1 / MONO
Material: Alkaline
Units per box card: 6
Voltage: 1.5V
Barcode: 5000394019232
Weight: 844g

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